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I don't get why you're acting as if this is a harsh criticism. Korone and Fubuki only exploded because they were good at making viral memes. They are funny, and entertaining, and absolutely wonderful Holos, but the harsh, cold, calculating algorithm doesn't care about any of that. It's the ultimate numberfag.
Similarly, Gura is cute, funny, a great singer, an entertaining streamer. But the reason she exploded is because she struck algorithm gold, like everyone else who goes that viral on Youtube.

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Its been a good week unitychads.

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of course

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Mori: early thirties to early forties salaryman
Ina: late teens to late twenties drawfags
Ame: mid teens twitchfags
Kiara: 0 year old to 2 year old babby and also janitors in their thirties doing it for free
Gura: 6-12 year old kids with parents who think Youtube is a babysitter

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You're the one hijacking unity though. You could post the finished piece instead. Why didn't you do it, anonchama?!

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Oh yeah, 'rona hasn't helped, especially since I live in a place where everything is still relatively locked down and people seem to be especially cautious
Yea, I feel the same way. I originally just watched her because of finding her entertaining, but as we've gotten to know her better I've related with her more and more
Thanks for the tip anon.For now, I guess the only things I can do is wait for corona to wind down, work on my reps, and keep supporting my favorite chubbas.

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i REALLY like this image

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the high school setting pics are cute

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