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Hell yeah, motherfucker.

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Make sure you release the spit valve before you let her play it. You wouldn't want her to accidentally suck in your bodily fluids, anon.

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What does /jp/ think of Enjou Tomoe?

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Me too.

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I'm not quite sure I follow you there.

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On the contrary, ma'am. It is my personal opinion that FSN is, in retrospect, quite enjoyable and a great read. Of course, like many novels of the visual variety, it has it's flaws, but overall it's worth taking the time to read through for it's action, romance and comedic plot.

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I'm also interested in this question. Shouldn't Saber be referred to as Queen Arthur? I don't understand. Could you dumb it down for me?

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I'm 31 actually.

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You got a problem, we can take it outside.

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Confirmed for SWR

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The reason why Shirou will always be better than Shiki is sheer killing power. Sure, Shiki might be able to easily kill a few people using his Mystic eyes and small knife that somehow severs limbs and torsos in one slash, but he will never be able to instantaneously kill the amount of people Shirou could. Here's why..
Shirou can project many swords and fire them at the same time. This means that he could project 10 swords and hit many different targets (as shown in his fight with Gilgamesh where he shoots his projected swords against all those noble phantasms.) Shirou also has a reality marble. Anyone who is caught inside it will probably be skewered before they even do anything, I would imagine him being able to kill nonstop for as long as it is up. Shirou doesn't even need to engage in melee combat, but does so anyway because he is a bad ass. There is no way Shiki would beat Shirou in a fair match. Unless Shiki somehow came within striking distance right away. The only reason why people don't consider Shirou to be better than Shiki is because Shirou would never kill (because of his morales) as easily as Shiki. If he truly didn't care, Shirou could easily waste most non-human beings in the Nasuverse.

Not to mention, he is a skillful archer.

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Oh, you wish to ejaculate all over her face right? I understand it completely.

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Oh, I see what you did there.

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No, see she was put on this Earth for things like that to happen to her. It's perfectly fine.

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No u

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Who're ya callin' a mongrel, ya mongrel?

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Indeed I acknowledge your theory, but the flaws presented in your thesis are simply too radical to form a coherent sta- oh shit you're right. Umm uh uhh LOL WHAT'S SEX YOU LOST ME

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Imposter! I am the real Shirou!

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But Saber was hurt when you stabbed her !
I don't want to hurt her so I'll refrain from having this so called sex.

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That's because I'm a MAN'S man.

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That's disgusting.

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