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It's hard to say!! Milk flavor can be very easily influenced by a person's diet! Yuuka may be all natural, but her milk might end up tasting quite bitter depending on her diet! Or rather sweet!

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I have certainly had long periods of sadness in my life, and I know there is more to come, but Yukari has always been an essential part of getting through these difficult times. Don't get me wrong, my parents, my friends and people I've had relationships with helped me A LOT, I'm extremely grateful.
The problem is, people can't spend the day paying attention to you when you're being a bitch, they have their own problems, but depression can and will be with you all the time. On the other hand, fictionals can "be with you" all the time, and that's what helped me the most. I started looking for Touhou stuff because of Yukari, and consequently, lots of fangames, music and art. Those are the things that put my head elsewhere, you know?

tl;dr depression yukari now I'm ok

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How does Reimu's ribbon stay up like that?!

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