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You're greentexting again!! stop doing it!! I know current /jp/ sucks but mind your manners!

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I dunno about you, but to me that sounds a lot like her if you'd ever hang out with her. And yeah, flipping tables sure is fun.

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i got you

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You can always make her act sweet and affectionate with you because she never had a person she can rely on and will never betray her whilst still scheming uprising plans and even act on it sometimes with you as an accomplice.
It would be great to lock your lips in a wild passionate kiss of victory as the whole world burns to the ground.

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holy fuck

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You have something against DDC?

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Well, isn't that cute but very regrettably it's

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>we can talk about remixes or fanmade
I'm going to post ZUN's music from other sources and you can't stop me.


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This game is literally impossible

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Bad at the games and have only gone through them for story reasons in the past few weeks, completing only the very easy ones (GFW, PoFV, and all the fighters) and generally not making it too far on normal with the ordinary shmups..

However, I have now given myself the low goal of "reaching Clownpiece in LoLK and seeing how long I last".

Sadly I can't survive Lunatic Time right now (I think I have 2 or 3 parts of it left, stuck on this bullshit with stars). Or, well, not with Reisen. Gonna try again later, but this is the first time I ever reached a stage 5 and even with the "handicap" of pointdevice I feel pretty accomplished for that. Or, I would, but mostly I'm pretty mad right now.

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Fuck this game. Nothing like shitty gimmicks to make one mad.

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I just fucking hate this world and all of the human worms feasting on its carcass

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This meme is BS, Momiji original sprite doesn't show any wolf ear or tail, this is all because the OSP artist did take some liberties for drawing her, so everybody gone "Oh! A wolf girl!!!".

She appear for like 20 seconds in the game and don't even have a portrait, but she have more Fanart than some more relevant characters.

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