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Cirno so I can genuflect before her and proclaim that she is my queen and I will be her faithful knight to serve her until I die.

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Game 5000 is ready 8/10!

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But we already have a fairy queen.

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Enough is ENOUGH.

I want every single one of you to stop whining about the janitor, the downtime, everything, and read this F*CKING THREAD

Information on moot's inner circle has been slowly revealed over the last couple of months and I'm sure you all remember the revelations that famous 8bit megamaster Jeremiah "nullsleep" Jannison is the head janitor for /jp/.

Well now thanks to our Australian friend who hacked moot's admin, e-mail and bank accounts we now have proof that well known shitty tripfag Saegrimr !SHIELDM.mE is a janitor and has been in this position of power since 2011 at the earliest.

More information can be found at
- The big W
- https://archive.thedarkcave.org/int/thread/23490553/ (currently being DDOS'd by the combined efforts of all 43 janitors and mods)
- http://i.imgur.com/i9q9pH9.jpg

Spread the word /jp/sies. Don't let a tripshitter make this board any worse than he already has

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I'm not sure if the meido is aware of this or not, but on other boards (/a/, /b/, and /v/, from what I've seen), the mods are literally banning other users for trying to avoid the hidden sage.

I'm glad /jp/'s meido is okay with it and understands that "sage" is a part of /jp/'s board culture.

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>mfw possible 99999 in this thread on Cirno Day

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>Double Dealing Character
So is Dubsman the new Antagonist? It's good that ZUN has finally learnt some good 4chan memes after his visit with moot. Can somebody photoshop Bateman onto this game? I'm not skilled enough.

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In west Gensokyo born and raised

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Eye'm the strongest!

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I really don't see where all the asspain is coming from.

Cirno holds a little bit too much power, enough for the Judge of Hell and Paradise to call attention to it. So she's certainly stronger than the average fairy.

She might be the strongest of her kind, or she might just be significantly stronger than most fairies. She might be the strongest fairy in Misty Lake, which could explain where her insufferable attitude comes from.

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Nice try, better luck on another board

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Kneel before me, pad-wearing one!

Kneel before the strongest!

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Pffft, pathetic mortals. My mind eclipses yours to a degree you cannot imagine.

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Step 1.
Find Zun.

Step 2.
Ask him what game series he created.

Step 3.
Record it, and put on internet.

Step 3?
If he says Project Shrine Maiden, punch him.

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Still think you own 4chan?

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Yeah, WOM has an offline option. When the server list comes up, you can just click the X button at the top of the list, and it will go into offline mode and generate a map for you.

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Cirno can do whatever she wants with me as long as she continues her duty of performing felatio on me

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quality thread.

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Cirno is so cool.

12.8 general

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If I want to be dominated by Cirno, does that make me a pedophile?

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You're gonna have to do better than that!

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Have you read your SICP today?

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