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Is it weird that it's been months since i've played White Album 2 but when I think about it occasionally I still start to tear up

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to the anon who told me not to come to the thread until I finish Setsuna's true route in WA2, don't worry, i'm not looking at any replies, just posting my thoughts
the closing chapter is ending up to be a lot better than the introductory chapter. I hit another time skip and I played basically all day, and now im near the end of february, right after setsuna leaves haruki's room after their 2-3 days of constant sex. but so far the story has really had its ups and downs in terms of emotions, and i'm definitely expecting another downfall soon. on top of that, this is going on way longer than i was expecting. i wasnt thinking it'd go on for longer than the end of january, but the fact that it's still going makes me think that it's either going to keep going until spring and then do another time skip, or it will go all the way until next christmas, which sounds crazy. anyway, absolutely loving the game so far and i cant wait to come back and read the replies to these posts, but for now i wont since i dont want to spoil myself. also i still dont know what the fuck a coda is

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