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>Plenty of children are stillborn, i.e. die before ever encountering a vagina. Therefore, not all humans are sluts. QED.

If they children were stillborn, it would mean that they passed through their mother's vagina, which is part of the process of being born. Even if they were delivered by C-section, they would have still been in their mother's womb. IN HER OVARIES. Which is worse than a vagina.

Ergo there are no children who had not experienced a vagina (or something worse), ergo all children are sluts, even dead ones. QED.

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>>>putting Akiha at the top

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>>> heroine
>>> made Shirou give up justice

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No it couldn't.

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OBJECTION! Nanayas aren't nearly indiscriminate enough to be inquisition.

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After the pure awesome he oozed in UBW, Lancer goes down like a punk in HF. That's a problem.

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