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the secondary catchphrase

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Thanks again guys, this has been bugging me for a while.

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>Oh, and that other one if you want as well.


and easter isn't about fucking rabbits and eggs it's about the Jesus

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I crash shortly after Marisa arrives at the Shrine in the prologue. Any ideas?

Also does this game have Tewi?

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I'm a lucky one.

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It is fine to admire Tewi.
Even though she is my waifu I shall permit your adoration.
No touching though.

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No criminalizing my Tewi.
Her beauty is to be admired.

In other news I found my TewiSmile image, one of my all time favorites, hurray.

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What do you think about this, /jp/? It offers an extensive view of pedophilia and how widespread it is, as well as showing how ineffective the government is being at actually tracing it while portraying pedos as normal people, which is exactly what they are, whatever retarded politicians and journalists might say. I thought this would be relevant to you guys seeing the content of this board.

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You're awfully demanding, you know?

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Rabbits are pretty much constantly horny

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I had to do therapy when my parents got divorced, and it was really awkward because I was completely all right, but the therapist obviously isn't gonna say 'HURRAY YOU'RE CURED', they've got to make money somehow you know? So I'm sitting there once a week with this woman trying to get me to talk about my problems, which were as extensive as not having jelly to go with my peanut butter. I think her job was basically to get kids to say things that they wouldn't tell their parents and then tell their parents.

This is completely unrelated.

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oh dear there goes my heart

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Go register to vote!

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Quick, splash cold water on her hair.

Then she'll never be able to get it out.

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If every little bit of it was collected from every individual piece of Touhoufan-art, doujins, flashes, et cetera,-

Which do you think there would be more of, blood or semen?

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Don't listen to her kids, once you die there's nothing else so live your life without fear of consequence!

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How could you hate on manly men taking it ea-

>cirno fan

oh, carry on then faggot.

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What exactly is your point?

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Sakuya is a Lunarian.
Aya is the fastest in Gensokyo.
Yukari is actually a pretty weak youkai.
Komachi can kill immortals.

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For those who aren't familiar or have a negative connotation with the word: Internet Trolling is a technique where you set out "bait" and use "luring techniques" in order to capture (and release if you so desire) "prey". The prey the troll wishes to capture can be all sorts of things: from replies created by clueless newbies to useful information shared by informed users. Most people who have a negative opinion of trolls either read ones by unimaginative trolls who poorly use flame bait (a provocative or insulting post with a good share of ad hominem thrown in for good measure), or ones by opinionated flamers rather than trolls.

Anyway, one of my interests is reading amusing trolls, since I happen to find that trolls tend to be a little higher on the respectability bell curve since they have transcended beyond taking the internet or life without unnecessary seriousness. Ostensibly, the respectability of a troll pretending to be a racist is miles above a person who is actually racist. It's much like the distinction between the satire "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift to a real plea by a genuine lunatic who believes people should actually feast upon their own children (People in the latter case are called Kooks).

I'll use this thread just to share things I believe to be trolls. Starting with this little gem I found on Yahoo answers:

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