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So, my parents have finally started cracking down on me and my few short years of NEET. 20 years old and I'm now being told I can either get a job or take some classes, otherwise I'll be kicked out. I figured I might as well start learning Japanese in a classroom, because lately my self-motivation has hit an all-time low. I can't seem to find the time out of the endless cycle of fapping and browsing /jp/ to open anki or read textbooks anymore, or even open another tab to read some webpages on learning japanese anymore.

What are some things I can expect from a JPN101 class? I haven't been in a class or around a large group of people in a few years, is speaking a large part of them? Are there any class times I should avoid or put on a higher priority, so I can avoid undesirable people being in the same class as me?

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Yukkuri is old news.

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Isn't it obvious?


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