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Yukari isnt gay, stop projecting your homosexual urges onto her.

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Please do not bully the hags.

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I recently started reading up on Buddhism because of it. (I like looking into stuff thats present in games, vn's, etc i enjoy)

Now I am in an existential crisis. Fuck Buddhism, fuck 2hu, fuck my curiousity and fuck the Dali Lama's book that caused this.
>Through logical analysis we can determine that the self exists in dependence on the mental and physical aggregates...
>In other words, the esistence of the self can only be posited in reliance upon the aggregates.
So if I'm reading this right. "I" dont exist. If it werent for the physical world, and my desires, I wouldnt exist.

I really dislike this idea.
Does "I think therefore I am" refute it, or is that just another desire to maintain the illusion I exist?

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Yukarin is the touhou most likely to be real.

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>I'll punch u and u r waifu right in your cunt and cock, respectively

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Please don't do anything rash, Anonymous.

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please no
we will miss you

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It happened to me too, but she was truly 3D and about ~10 year old.

I happened to find her laying down on the side of a trash container two streets away from my home, at first I stayed there looking at her, about 20 seconds I think, and then checked around me trying to find someone else, when I noticed no one was in sight I brought her to my home, she was dirty and her clothes, oh God, I'd never smelt something so disgusting, even so I took those off and throw them away inside a bag so the odor wouldn't disturb anyone. After that I carried her upstairs to the bathroom and began to wash her body and hair, all the time I could see her slit and ass, my dick did respond but I restrained myself and keep washing her body, a few seconds latter she did slip of my hands and fell to the floor.

There she was, laying with her legs spread.

I just couldn't resist, I throw myself down to the floor and started to lick all over, at first I tried to be careful to not leave any mark and when the penetration began I tried to avoid any damage in her genitals, but it was futile, in no time I was pushing my body over hers with all my might, I think I've never fucked anyone so hard, in a minute I was moaning like a wild animal while her body was shaking as she were still alive.

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Why are /jp/ users so hard to be good friends with, even when we have the same exact interests and tastes? I'm not even an extrovert or some attention whore from /cgl/ or /soc/. In fact, I'm probably very introverted since I have trouble talking in groups of people and normally can't find anything to say in those situations. I just like having someone to talk with one-on-one every now and then, because I get bored of my own daily routine and like to see what other people are doing, or want to know if they're interested in anything I've been up to, but even that seems difficult to do. Conversations last about a few seconds at best because I always get short, and very limited replies. That, and I'm always the one to initiate any sort of discussion. I apologize for making this off-topic thread but /jp/ is the only board I go to anymore, so you guys are naturally the only ones I have any interest in getting to know better.

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Tiramisu tart?

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Why are so many of the Touhou themes so sad and melancholic? I can't take it easy when listening to things like Plain Asia or 3rd Eye or the Prismriver theme. It just makes me think sad thoughts about those Touhous, like their lives are so sad that it's expressed in their themes.

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Danmaku != powerlevel
By your logic Yoshika should be beating the shit out of Remilia and Futo of Yukari.

Doesn't matter how experienced are you in danmaku, a simple new pattern can lock you without being specially hard.

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Once in HS I hit someone so hard that he rolled on the ground, the first 10 seconds people around me began to yell and clap, it was another unpopular retard like me, so for a short time I felt good being above him and then realized that he was like me and for some reason I began to cry, shit was awkward.
That's how I made one of the few friends I had during my life, the guy I punched if it's not clear enough.

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I wish I had a loving family ; _ ;

They look like the kind of people who would do the effort and put a smile for the disgusting fuck you guys are, or suddenly everyone happens to be 13 and way too complex to be understood by a caring group of people who came to spend time together and strengthen their bounds.

TL:DR You are not autistic, just dicks.

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Such hurtful words.

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Ojou-sama, please don't be shy

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How does one go about selling semen?

I'd love to but the places in my city only seem to want 6 foot tall, chiseled, Ivy league graduates. Why would they want a NEET's semen for?

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Don't say such things.

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>Great grandmother

This worse than that Eirin thread.

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