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One day, House was walk into his House.

"It is good to have House House!" say House, as he walk into House House.

Suddenly, the door on House House opened and Time Paradox flew out!

"YOU CANNOT HAVE HOUSE INSIDE HOUSE!!!!!" scream Time Paradox, as a paradox many times.

"But is House House!" say House.

"IT IS NO MORE FOR HOUSE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!" say Time Paradox, as the House disconnects from the floor and flys into Time Paradox.

And no more House House.
"But my House House!!!" say House, as a not House House.

But Time Paradox would not return House House.

"I cannot return House House without a make Paradox!" say Time Paradox.

House was annoy at this, and jumped into the Time Paradox, to get back House House.

"HOUSE HOUSE!" shout House, but there were no House House inside Time Paradox.

"I have turned House House to bricks..." say Time Paradox, and Time Paradox closed and House was stuck inside Time Paradox forever.

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>implying 'magic' will stop her from getting lung cancer

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