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Her objective in this was two-fold. First was to get rid of the warlike youkai as said.
The second was to demonstrate to the remaining youkai of Gensokyo that these types of conquests for land and power could likely end very badly, so it should be avoided.
Also, hate to ask, but I forgot where it talks about the warlike youkai actually being sent to death rather than just getting beaten. Which one or where was it again?

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Honestly, I thought it was interesting to encounter such blatantly overpowered adversaries in such a nonchalant way. With many other series, new enemies are only so much stronger than the heroes when introduced, but here we meet opponents that could be introduced several story arcs later in too short of a time frame than we could be made ready for. It would bug me if done too often, but it's fresh in that it reminds us how relative our perspective of Gensokyo has been to this point. The execution leaves a lot to be desired, but I liked it because it prepares us to expect more than we did before.
It's kinda like playing an rpg and you stumble into a cave with monsters 30 levels stronger than you, and you realize that you've only been strong compared to what you've already faced. It starts making you think about the future, and when you'll be strong enough to return there properly. It makes the world feel a bit bigger, and it adds intrigue and variety. Guess what I'm saying is that I'd like to revisit the Lunar Capital under more proper circumstances, but I'd say ZUN has long since moved on from that story arc, unfortunately.

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Man, thorough. Thanks anon!

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What a wonderful thread I was just about to make one with this same topic thx Op dump incoming!

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Is this a new fad or something? Posting touhous with nicknames made up on the spot?

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Come to think of it, the original AK47 is a weapon that has an iconic status and a nearly religious mythos surrounding it, and which people (especially in the Western world) firmly believe to have godlike powers.
That, and while it isn't close to the 100 years generally required for ascension to tsukumogami status, the AK47 has an exceptionally long lifespan (for an automatic weapon) of over 30 years. You're going to have to ask /k/ for the finer points about maintenance, but for a well maintained AK47 that hasn't been fired excessively often or exposed to harsh conditions, extending that to a full century doesn't seem antirely impossible.

Which, considering there are likely hundreds of thousands of early AK:s still in existance, could mean future artists and writers are going to be having an awful lot of fun with the tsukumogami concept in another 36 years.

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Where is Omsk again? Somewhere around Murmansk?

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Textless OP.

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The gaps are where Yukari has erased the boundary between two places, making them adjacent. So there's no "inside", there's just the other side, which will be wherever (/whenever/whatever/however) Yukari wants it to be.

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Tell you what guys, Yukari is so awesome she could open two gaps next to one another AND THEN STAND ON THE SOLES OF HER OWN FEAT.

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Hey, hey. It's just a low tier science. And besides, you don't need to pitch a hissy fit over someone relating Satori to something they saw in their textbook.
Besides, it's not like they're doing anything wrong.

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Why has Yukari been in so many games when other EX bosses rarely make any follow-up appearances? Suwako is the only other EX boss to ever show up again.

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A: Bwahahahah. Well, unless you go for the Lovecraftian/Yakumo version...

B: Storms and earthquakes aren't really enlightenment, but at least they can help you with something.

C: The only one which actually has some rhyme and reason to it in this case.

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You have uttered one of Her countless names, and She has heard.

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>>2590120 SURREAL

Oh for...

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Considering Yukari is Nyarlathotep and everything, hopefully not.

Admit it. You KNOW that somewhere in Japan, they're making porn that caters to liminal beings as we speak.

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yukari thread GO!
An Oren is fine too.

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She is Yakumo Yukari - mortals tremble at her name.

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