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I think Monika from Love Zemi is as hot.
Luckily Seira was a main heroine so at least she has lots of scenes.

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>People always want what they don't have.
Its not that.
Main heroines are usually designed to be directed towards a focus group, that usually buy their stuff.
When making side characters they dont have to care wheter the focus group like them or not so it gives them more room to integrate more designs and personalities.
Sure that mentality I quoted may play into it but there are valid reasons to prefer a side character over the main ones.
Fetishes may also apply to say when teacher or mother heroines are the ones we want over the main heroines who are usually average HS students.
Just wish eroge devs understand that if you make an heroine, players will want to fuck her so maybe they just resort to spriteless female characters.

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Japan has the bad habit of having the hottest character either with no route or barely any content.
For them is moe>hot so the moeblobs get the most attention.

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