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It's been 5 days and only a couple of the albums I was looking forward to have been uploaded.

What the hell happened.

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TD's spellcards make me complacent as fuck. They're just so... plain. Having to skip them with bombs or trance for score doesn't really help either; it's as if ZUN didn't want me to care in the first place.

I like Touhou because of the over the top and flowery patterns and I'm just not seeing it here.

I hate to say it, but I'm bored.

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>Character's Cont'd
>Character's Cont'd
>Character's Cont'd

It should be clear just by looking at it that en.touhouwiki.net is a million times better.

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Touhou means eastern, but it's also the name of the series.

Touhou Suimusou is: "the game in the Touhou series: 'Gathering Fantasy'"

It's not that complicated.

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>this thread

OP, there are probably more sex toys per capita in Japan than any other country I can think of.

Japan and sex toys for both genders go way back.

As for their general perception, I'd say the main difference with that of America's is that there are many more single men (and by extension women) who own and use them regularly.

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>I assume then that this is shitty fandom works?

No, what tipped you off? That 90% of Touhou is based off of fandom works?

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You guys should advance to two-handed facepalms

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>So if you go past a few clouds, you'll make it to the moon.

Oh, so not fair, OP. So not fair...

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>Chiquita Dragonforce stole Kanako's moves


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I give up.

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I would rage, but my RAGE folder is limited, so here's a facepalm

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I'm really tempted to not give you the sauce since you're too fucking stupid to google the file name, but I'm feeling nice tonight.


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>..., aka Ronald McDonald insanity or ??????, ...

Does this mean what I think it means?

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What kinda horror games does Japan have? Other than real obvious shit like Silent Hill and that kind of stuff.

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