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/jp/ meetup

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It feels good

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Would anyone be willing to help acquire the catalog number of >>13719200 ?

Webm related.

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Anyone know what this is from?

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How does this make you feel, /jp/?

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>accept my cuckhold fantasie
Unbelievable. I go play WoW for hours (BRF is pretty cool by the way, very nicely done), I crash for 7 hours, wake up, decide to see if this thread has improved and that guy is STILL talking about black people and being cucked by Yui? Isuuuuues.

She's just a innocent 15 yo girl who chilled with some black metal guys but these people want desperately to believe that she'll become a promiscuous young lady (just like the western women they grovel to) and have a globe-hopping shankscapade. They project their dirty, twisted SJW 'ideals' onto a nice conservative girl ... frikken 15yo girl. Messed up.

They say that they want whats best for Yui ... the fact that this is what they think is best speaks volumes about their perversion.

Why don't they give her the assumption of purity like any other true idol fan? They just want to corrupt anything that seems pure and that's why they attack the idea.

Why do these guys even have Yuimetal as their idol? I bet before Yui their idol was Miley Cirus.

These guys don't care about Yui, they just want to win slut-walkers approval by turning Yui to the darkside. Guess what? Ain't happening. She's a smart girl. She puts those immoral ladies to shame and will do the same as a grown woman.

These people wont rest until J-idols are all Miley Cirus.

Long live Japans ideal of purity! Lord knows we need some of it in this world to counter the *cough* depravity all around us.

Go join a slut-walk and show your support for them, just remember to look and not touch lest you be mauled by foaming at the mouth sluts.

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