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She needs a better sleeping schedule! How is she gonna accomplish anything if she spends the whole night out partying?

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Currently working on a normal CC for TD. What's the deal with the "Trance" system? I'm having trouble understanding when to best utilize it. Funnily enough, I nearly 1cc'd on my very first attempt going on blind, I didn't even realize there WAS a trance mechanic until I took my first hit in stage 5 lol... So the spellcard patterns aren't an issue with me, but I'm struggling to understand what the best strategy is to gather resources. So what's the deal with this bros? How do you make it work? Also who is the best shot type in TD?

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I'd beat the shit out of kyouko
I just like to abuse dogs because they are such doormats. Maybe I'll coerce her into having sex with me after.

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rough night

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ah, that's a bit more understandable. i'm super paranoid/OCD or whatever so i have to rinse mine out like the moment i'm done. if only i were so prompt with other things.
i don't get why people even try to use shampoo in the first place when there's usually soap around, are you just too lost in the moment or something? out of soap?

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I don't know whether to say you're close or far off.

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>The race of the yabamiko scum got wiped out because someone started explaining echo doesn't come from retarded looking dogs but from how the sound waves act.
That's belief, not fear. And yes, the outside world doesn't believe in youkai and magic.

But that is different from being inside Gensokyo and knowing for a fact that yamabiko exist while at the same time echoes don't come from them.

Finally, I am making a distinction between belief and fear here. I believe youkai in Gensokyo could continue to exist so long as humans have belief even if they don't fear them.

I'd say that a lack of ignorance about echoes might prevent new yamabiko from forming, but it won't make Kyouko vanish in a puff of logic so long as her existence is known.

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No thank you!

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Good morning. How did you sleep?

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What for?
Time to get up?

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I'm really scared. I could really use a friend right now. I cry almost every day, and I'm a grown man.

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Und wer's nie gekonnt der stehle

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It's 5pm, Kyouko. You feeling all right?

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I just want to cover my bases to be sure. I want to make sure she feels good.

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... morning

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