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I already did them yesterday

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I've noticed in images she frequently has her hands on her hips with elbows pointed out, is there a name for this pose?

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no deal

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> <strong>

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are you a train otaku?

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Eye'm the strongest!

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I feel like Cirno and I would get along.

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Janito-san knows that Cirno is the strongest

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>towards improvement
sure it is redditbro, sure it is

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Hello fellow NEETs. Do you use adderall? Why do you use it? Any bad side-effects from using it? Adderall general.
Go away meido this is /jp/ related

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in civilized world it's already cirno day.

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Post your favorite arranges.

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I haven't played TouHou, but I like the characters and the music.

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In Gensokyo born and raised
On the frozen lake's where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all the time
Shooting some danmaku outside the shrine
When a couple of Youkai that were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighbourhood
I got in one little fight and´╗┐ the fairies all whined,
They said, "You're going to live with Reimu at Hakurei Shrine!!"

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Both of you... BRING IT!

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Requesting Cirno as a dominatrix

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I've got a lot of internet friends. Most of them are pretty cool people. They come from all across the world and most of them are really nice. One of them even sent me something for my birthday, which I'm really glad for considering my parents and my IRL friends didn't buy me anything. I don't think any of them are from /jp/ though. I've never met anyone from /jp/.

I knew a girl from /jp/ once. She was really kind. Then we met up with another friend and it turns out she was just using us both for attention. It made me very sad and angry.

though, honestly, i still miss that friendship

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A Touhou tattoo, yes or no?

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Eye'm not going to post in this thread unless eye get some sort of reward.

Now hand it over.

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