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Whilst I am claim not to be among the upper hierarchy of all whom are right-thinking, I can only venture to say this: said Lady is in possession of a beauty so fair that it maketh the hearts of others foul. Suspicion and envy transformeth even the most rational of men into fear-mongering, virtue-less curs!

For but one chance to feel once again warmth in my heart, I would traverse the very bowels of Hell itself! Fear not, Brunestud: even mine readily apparent mortality is naught in comparison to this opportunity which has seen fit to seek out of my company! I dare not tarry long, lest it escape me, so I will part with this: were even the most vile of gossip true, I would still return to the dirt from whence I came with a satisfied smile blessing my person.

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That's just what I mean, though. You should be more selective. Having 2000 not so well-drawn pictures of a character doesn't mean a hell of a lot.

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Youkai moe~

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