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I would risk getting my neck snapped

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Of course, how nice of her to offer.
What will we talk about today, I wonder

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She has a healthy lifestyle that has limited the effects of aging. She eats a pure blue zone diet (with the occassional human on special occasions), practices daily exercise, walks long distances, tans for vitamin D exposure, minimizes stress and anxiety, gets lots of steep, maintains a conscientious attitude and takes good care of her skin. She would be the pinnacle of health if she only worked on developing her social circle a little bit, but I'm helping her with that slowly. She has aged like fine wine. However, she does have a slight smell, a few wrinkles, and a grey hair here and there. But of course, it's ungentlemanly to comment on that.

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I want to plant my face in Yuuka's armpit and drown in the flowery scent.

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Yuuka is the nice lady next door that you will never met

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You are a good listener, anon-kun. I like that.

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Who's your mom, /jp/? Mine is Flower Mima and she's cute!

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Yuuka really enjoys your company!

Where do you take Miss Yuuka on your cute date?

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She's a youkai, and has lived for quite a long time. Naturally, she thinks quite differently than a human like you or me. Does that count as 'insanity'?

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Too many Yuuka threads.

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She's an extremely powerful youkai, so she'd be handy to have around.
She probably doesn't have many friends, being a renowned horrible sadistic monster. This loneliness might make her a bit more desperate for other sounds then screams of agony and fear wherever she goes, such as friendly greetings.
She'd probably refrain from instantly murdering me if we were friends.
So long as I stay on her good side and she's in a good mood, I could probably stay over. A giant flower field would be a nice thing to look at if I don't get close enough for them to eat me. I'd even make breakfast to her taste.
But then again, perhaps I've got a death which.

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>Yuuka will never keep you on the edge for days before finally stomping violently on your balls until she castrates you.
Why keep on living?

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Procrastinating. I still post Touhou dreams if I have them. I'm at 125 now. Other than that I'm still trying to get work done on a HOI III mod.

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It's called being in love!

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Dating Yuuka!

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Sadist or not, I'm sure she would love to cuddle, at least every now and then.

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Best legs: Tenshi
Best ass: Tenshi
Best breasts: Eirin
Best body overall: Yuuka
Best hair: Kaguya
Best eyes: Yuyuko
Softest stomach: Letty
Best smelling: Yuuka
Best mommy: Ran
Best loli: Rumia
Cutest overall: Koishi
Sexiest overall: Yuuka

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Can I eat you?

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I'd rather spend a quiet day with Yuuka.

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Tea with Yuuka! Light conversation and appreciation of nature's beauty!

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I certainly hope so! Trust is very important in intimate relationships.

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