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A lot of things.

Just on the PR part, it's aggressively fun. On twitter, the seyuu and the company are very active and engaging, specially Rei's seyuu. They release original PR material quite often. No repetitive boring corporate wall. They also have a talkshow streaming going on.

A few of the seyuus come from the ASMR scene and their expertise shows, bringing in their own fans and people from that scene. What other eroge company scouted new artists like this?

On the work itself, I cannot give a recipe on how to 'make a successful Eroge' , or I would work in the industry. But there is a lot of care behind this one. From all the references that feel in the right place, to the crazy protagonist and heroines. In a sense, it's also a critique to eroge but done with responsibility. Netorare is the biggest trend in JAV? Let's make a whole route about that and embrace the Netorare. Pedos? Oh shit, the protagonist (and the reader...) is becoming a lolicon. Did you want good heroines? Well, here you have secondaries that are even better than the heroines. Or a little sister that actually behaves like a little sister that is fun to hang around, alleluia. Wait, isn't she getting too close? Or Nanase route with the strange mix of forced pretense that carries beyond the believable until you realize she's actually the most natural character. All that in a fun action story yet at some times brutally raw and tragic.

Is it the best shit ever? Noo, the story drags at times, though I think those daily life and dialogue scenes give the opportunity for character development and for the reader to understand the characters. The story itself isn't that great in retrospective, but the journey sure is.
It's also in a rare spot where you don't need to be an Eroge guru to understand all the shit that's going on, but having some knowledge of JP media will help you not miss stuff.

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