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Nah, just the stories.

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Oi, janitor, Touhou is /jp/.

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Marisa wets herself.

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"Please... please let me go ze~"

The black-white pleaded to the rainbow magician; while battling the forceful urge within her, Marisa begged again. With tears in her eyes, her actions were simply ignored by an apathetic Alice; sitting not even five feet away and reading a book, peering out the corner of her eye at the witch's struggle. Her many dolls completely restricting Marisa's movement in her time of desperation.

"You must..." the witch whined, "please, release your dolls! I can't take it much more..."

Alice remained idle and flipped a page in her book. The pressure within the Marisa grew greater with every passing second, a force that she could never prevent merely with knowledge and wit.

"I... beg of you... please..." a mixture of tears and sweat streamed from the witch's face and made its way to the magician's wooden floor.

"I... I..." with her last shred of willpower, Marisa fell to the floor. With her face down, in a shameless admit of defeat, a puddle formed from under her; the liquid passing through the thin fabric and drenched her dress within mere seconds. A smirk appeared on Alice's face as the liquid expanded on her floor and made it's way up Marisa's body; the magician placed her book down and walked passed the witch, stepping in the shallow puddle of Marisa's urine.

"I hate you... you damn bitch." With her head still facing the floor, tears multiplied in the witch's eyes and diffused with liquid she exerted moments ago. Whelps and sobs came from Marisa's mouth along with mumbles of "damn Alice..." and "I'll never forgive you."

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you lost me

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Anyone have an interest in omutsu or omorashi?

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Touhou 12 plotline: Marisa has gone missing, using a IN style human/youkai team system the player challenges the most powerful humans (Lolis with silly hats, of course.) eventually finding that Marisa has been captured by her father, who intents to rob her of her magic power and lesbian tendencies through brutal rape. Final stage is the siege on kirisametei.

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Frankly, I'd be uncomfortable too if blood vessels in both of my eyes had just burst.

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Marisa has the same problem

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This here, is the perfect example of a homosexual.

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