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Thread for smug baku?

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Baku is not for punching. Baku is for :3 and cute.

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This year will be the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 so naturally they're mad

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so what about dog/cat/ ratio then?
or fairy ratio?

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I love Doremy but I don’t mind seeing her popularity drop. I honestly hate her sudden rise in popularity last year because of the smug meme.

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Stop killing Doremy please

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>You are literally the person who derailed the thread in the first place
You know the rest of the thread is still here, right?
For all your talk about bullshitting, you certainly aren't very good at it.

This thread would've went well if you hadn't shown up to vomit your "but muh soku" all over the place, in a thread about AoCF and AoCF netplay.
Get off of my planet.

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What does Doremy's pink blob taste like?

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