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>I'm pretty sure the majority of the devs came from there

I don't know. Even if the idea predated /jp/, which my memory is too poor to confirm, it's still a VN, which is pretty explicitly /jp/ material

Oh well, I won't get too hung up about it. Everyone on /jp/'s too cool for it now that it's released anyway

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>Although maybe I'm just pissed off at the rampant viral marketing it got on 4chan and other video game-related sites when it was at its beta/preview phase.
No, you hate Katawa Shoujo because you've learned to hate it by repeating the same thing people say over and over again, because you joined after the fact and didn't know any better. Until the release of Act1, the only attention KS got was being mentioned as a vaporware project and an example of why 4chan projects will always fail. The release of Act1 came out of nowhere (to the point that people expected it to be a troll when it was first posted), surprised everyone by its quality (which was miles better than any other OELVN at the time), and immediately genuinely went viral. It became too popular for /jp/'s hipster tastes, allegiations of tons of viral marketing before the release of Act1 were made (despite the archive proving this completely wrong), and all newbies since then have simply mindlessly repeated this 'viral marketing' thing until the majority actually started believing it.

Also, there's a huge gap from being able to read eroge in Japanese and being able to write original fiction in Japanese, and as far as I know ONScripter is also compatible with earlier Windows versions.

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They're not obscure enough.

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only given what is recieved. every thread ever

"yeah C-F does such horrible translations"

"lol get out"
no really. why not answer the god damn question. I've seen it asked in nearly every time this has come up from pretty much the day Reccetear came out. it really just sounds to me like /jp/ got upset their game got exposure and the number of people that liked it suddenly wasn't circlejerk small anymore.

picture related. I literally watched this change unfold over the months way back.

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Well 'course.

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>This entire thread

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This is why.

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/jp/ you big silly

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/jp/ is anime hipsters and hates popular animes.

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>I've never understood why /jp/ hates KS so much

Because they're desperate to be e-cool. See, hating things makes you edgy and ahead of the curve!

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Honestly, it just sounds like you're looking for something to hate about the game, which doesn't surprise me, because /jp/ has a long history of hating things they would've otherwise liked just to be e-cool

Pic related. Kind of wish I had saved the Recettear edit, but I'm sure you can use your imagination

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OP, people will tell you to play Tsukihime. Please believe me when I say that you should ignore them

My first VN was Saya no Uta, then Umineko, then Tsukihime, and now I'm working on Ever17. Saya no Uta is tens of times better than Tsukihime

In fact, you know what? Just skip the entire "Good for beginners" list if Tsukihime is at all indicative of their general quality. VNs aren't exactly hard to get into. You read a lot. You listen to music and look at character sprites to set the mood. Sometimes you make a choice that will determine how the story goes, like a choose your own adventure book. That's it

Also, for why /jp/ hates Katawa Shoujo, see pic

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