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source to said albums please!

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Sorry, i'll play more my level and won't falsely advertise myself from now on.

Anyone want to play a full of himself but innately very terrible person who can't land combos and can't pressure beyond a half of a rotation of a block string but has been playing since react came out and can brutalize new players with ease because they don't know how to block low yet? this is a wall of text you are not reading. I absolutely love when people play nanaya against me because i can't get around random 236b spam or 623c on wakeup because i always charge in because i have no respect for my opponent. In actuality though anyone that applies any kind of pressure and can do combos that do more than 2500 damage scare me and i can't do anything about it except lose. I love to play ciel and wara to abuse their scrub killing abilities to make you just lost the game. The only reason miyako is my main is because i can mash buttons and about 40% of the time a combo can happen. i depend on throws because it's the only easy damage there is against anyone with half a brain and good at blocking, and even then it's not easy. I just shit a cat.

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