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Why did you make Sanae cry, anon?

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You are so mean

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Traumatized Sanae!
Traumatized Sanae!
She escapes to Gensokyo!

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Please stop being mean to Sanae!
She cries herself to sleep every night because people keep spreading malicious lies about her!

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I am getting tried of sanae thread, can I have one months without a single sanae thread please.

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Was that really necessary?
Everybody is great, while I suck.
This being said, I use Musashi K2 instead of Iowa, and Taihou instead of Sara. Equip distribution is basically the same, just yellow guns on KTKM. Maybe I should arm her with red guns.

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You want us to celebrat Women's Day yet you disrespect Sanae like this!? How rude! And Sanae is NOT a slut!

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I almost cried.

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I'm sorry for the things that happened in your life to make you feel that way. I know how I must sound like, but I hope that you are able to find that there is meaning in your life. Whether it is acknowledging an afterlife exists or something else, I wish you're able to find it. Because, I think you are very important.

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Why are people bullying Sanae?

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