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>What about plot in Ginharu?
Until you get onto a heroine's route there really is no plot in Ginharu. It's quite similar in structure to tone work's previous titles except with the addition of the middle school section. The initial "plot" is focused around school life and attending xyz committee meetings with qt girls so you can have a fruitful school life.

Ginharu also has minor elements of a charage, mostly in the context of the heroine group, and later on, the route specific characters. The heroine group quickly becomes repetitive though as they all slide into their roles and very rarely if ever stray from them.

Personally I found the heroine routes the only actually interesting part of Ginharu. Mostly because each heroine has their own unique scenario after high school. For example, in Bethly's route, she and the MC actually leave Japan to attend college in her home country of Canada. Or Mizuha doing her ice skating thing. It was a real breath of fresh air

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