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Almost normalfag here. I told you yesterday in my drunk thread, how you could improve yourself, and you told me you dont dont want to, and that you didnt make any ronery thread. Guess you lied.

Anyhow, im not gonna respond to any message, I dont want to derail thread, cya.

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Remember me from yesterday /jp/?
Well last night was great, had alot of fun, the first party was at a friends apartment, then we went to the pub, armwrestled for money (lol I lost). And lastly back to the apartment again. No I didnt get laid but I did have girls on my lap talking about sex positions.

What do I want with this thread? Maybe you call me troll but it did happend. All I can say, 2 years ago I couldn't even have a conversation with anyone. I lived at my moms house, peeing in bottles. Friendless loser who fapped 5 times a day. Now that's changed!

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Haha so fucking funny, the thing im not a troll. Just look mofo, im not gonna drink this by myself.
Vodka and whisky. Tonight is gonna get crazy, my ride is soon here, catch yall later.

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