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Anon, your anxiety about contacting this person is bordering on insufferable. I get that you feel bad, but...it's negatively affecting the board. You just need to be brave enough to actually talk to them. It's tough, especially when they don't want to talk to you.

I hurt a friend who I know browses /u/, and I have hikkikomori levels of social anxiety, but I didn't rudely put my drama with that person all over /u/. You haven't quite done that, but...imagine how it must feel for this person you care about. Suddenly, you're sorta dragging your interpersonal drama out for all to see, which the person you want to contact might not want. This is their place to take it easy, and you're bringing personal drama here.

I finally managed to get up the courage to talk to my friend and worked some stuff out. They don't want to talk to me again, but hey, that's how life happens. If a socially maladjusted mess like me can do it, you can too anon. Otherwise you're just going to keep getting really annoyed anons because we also don't want your personal drama interfering with our place to take it easy. Sorry for the blogpost, but I figure maybe a personal anecdote might help you realize what it is that you're doing. Seriously, I can't imagine the constant flak you get for making these threads helps your self-esteem any.

Tl;dr version:
If you care about this person, don't drag your personal drama into one of the places they come to relax, it hurts literally everyone involved. Have some courage, and talk to them, it will actually show you care.

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