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Best thing to do is get out and as far away from Suika as possible, while slowing her advance with meaty bullets. Hovering around her head constantly is not a good idea. All it takes is a 5C firepunch or a j.C to smack you right out of the air.

Smart Suikas will activate MPP when you're cornered and block your means of escape by constantly spamming 5A (mid punch). TBH, it's a case of damned if you do or damned if you don't: if you sit there and block, you'll take massive chip damage and Suika will use mixups to spirit crush you and lay on damage. If you try to escape, you risk getting hit, but will only take about 2000-4000 damage at worst and can at least wake-up tech away from her.

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>I see you tengu are all talk, same as ever. You've always been humble to anyone stronger than you, and assertive towards the weak. You're actually really strong, but you go easy on everyone, and you play dumb even though you're really smart. You're all so sly. What opportunists.

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erm, ggs? Rehosting again.

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