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I love her either way, but you are very right about her being a cute sub. Those Doumou doujins are about as cute as things can possibly get (and he also draws very thread-related boobs).

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You like big boobs /jp/?

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I avoided posting most of the images i often post, what a shame

and maybe i could upload my mini-folder of E~rin's butt but i still need some more images, sort it, and find a good site where i can upload it and, unfortunately i'm not doing it right because i'm lazy as fuck

have a sukumizu.

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I think he just wants some acceptance

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"I fuck like I'm being electrocuted" is from a Kampfer advice pic. Granted, it's a great line, especially for a girl (which I'm sure some of us pretend to be "in bed"), but on the off chance they've seen the original, it would just be awkward.

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I don't know... maybe passionate as well if that's your thing, but when I think bruised boobs I think painful.

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You can have perfectly good GRIMDARK without death and suffering.
A prize example would be Fallout 2, which is extremely dark and gritty to the point of nearly being comically excessive, yet possible to complete without taking a single life, and even without using violence at all (the exception being the scripted fight in the tutorial).

In either case Eirin is supposedly the Touhou version of Omoikane no Mikoto, and the shinto creation myth is pretty GRIMDARK in itself.

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Yes, that is true. But indeed, he did have the chance. He was informed of the plot and asked to take part in it - indeed, he was offered the position as interim president of Germany, should the coup have succeeded.

Apparently he turned down the offer with the motivation that murdering Hitler would make the Stab-in-the-back legend a reality, to be exploited by another fascist government in another 20 years to set off another war. Instead he suggested gradually depriving Hitler of power after negotiating a truce with the allies.

The problem with his plan was it would have required the invasion of Normandy to fail, thus nothing came of it.

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Ah. That explains a lot.
Meiling has a spine like a cardan shaft. Eirin probably doesn't.

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This is me giving a fuck.

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