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TOO LONG have people like Inspector Redwood, Invisibro, Gaygrimr, Feminazi mod, nullsleep, amanaguchi, etc had a free reign on this website. This stops NOW.

Fight back against the janitor. Everytime you see that Saegrimr !SHIELDM.mE has posted, call him out on his SHIT behvaiour and SHIT attitude towards the jay

/tg/ fought back and they won.
/int/ fought back and got temporary respite.
/v/ fought back and got like 5 extra boards
/jp/ starts fighting back NOW.

That doesn't even make sense?

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>warosu is down
>w2 is down
>RM is down
>T's site is down
>/what/ is dead as usual
>4/jp/ STILL being ran like auschwitz
>/ota/ is suddenly booming with activity

Do you guys think otamin is behind the recent attacks on cultural /jp/ heritage sites? Is there any link between otamin's attacks and Disability-nerd's return?

Have you considered making the jump to /ota/?

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Daily reminder that RJ has been exposed and is trying to keep it under wraps.

The Retard J*nitor of /jp/ = Steven "Nuedere" (Last name unknown for now)
A Welsh male between the ages of 18 and 21, thrown out by his parents and a college drop out. He is currently living in a hostel and spends his days dumping touhou images, playing DOTA 2 for 8+ hours a day and muting any post he doesn't like on /jp/. What else could you expect from a RJ so pathetic even his parents disowned him? He is currently a NEET but hates it and hates all NEETs and NEET culture.
He is also part of moot's strange twitter circlejerk.
Nuedere steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nuedere
Nuedere twitter - https://twitter.com/Nuedere

There is also a small circlejerk of twitter/steam cronies that follow his every command, they false flag and try desperately to hide the info that has been leaked. None of those subhumans are part of the 4chan staff but are probably hoping that by keeping this leak under wraps they may find a way in. They're not important enough to name, but just be aware of their existence.

This dorky, friendless, oprhan loser is the guy shitting up /jp/ and forcing the generals, shitcolle and the everyone must be nice mentality.

Don't let RJ take /jp/ from us

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Korean F2P grindfests

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Hows the NEET lyfe treating you /jp/

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When I was 16 I pretended to be a girl and would cyber with guys, then find their online or real girlfriend and send them the logs. Shit made me hard as a rock. Stopped doing it when I tried to do some lesbian shit with an actual retard (coffin siris syndorme or something, google it)

Man, that was a weird time, but looking back I don't give a shit, the fapping was immense. I once jizzed on my face because muh spooge went flying so far, and I was in a seated position too. And I would be edging for like 3 hours everytime so when I came I felt like I got punched in the gut sometimes, but it was nice.

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Hey /jp/, I've been thinking of starting a hikikomori club at my university.
It would be centered around playing touhou, fighting games, visual novels, failed attempts at learning japanese and things like that.
I would hope it could be online and anonymous with the benefits of local hikkis not feeling so alone.

Do you have any suggestions on what other club activities and themes we could have?

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Gay NEETs from outer space.

They're coming, and when they get here they're going to take over /jp/.

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Why people always relate NEET to depression

you can be a happy NEET

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How is that sunday morneet going on /jp/

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How is that tuestady morneet going on /jp/ ?

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How is that saturday morneet going on /jp/

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Quick, let's meet up on Omegle /jp/ i don't want to miss you guys.

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how is that wednesday morneet going on so far /jp/

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How is your saturday morning going on so far /jp/

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What's the worst ting you've done to get a response to your thread?

I once sucked some homeless guy's dick at the bus stop so he would use my laptop to submit a reply. I regretted it immediately.

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She also has the screen facing towards the door and isn't using her bed as a foot stool so she can lie down while shitposting all day.

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So is /jp/ still playing Tera or what?

D3 was a massive disappointment.

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