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Sorry, I am already dating someone. Maybe we can still be friends?

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You guys just want this game for Kaoru.

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What is she from?

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It was my birthday recently, I didn't get a single happy birthday email from anyone, not even my sister. I was expecting to get one from this girl I used to talk to daily, but I kind of lost touch with her and I doubt she even remembered. She even mailed me a birthday present once. The last time, I talked to her, she just wanted me to play some shitty game with her and I don't have time to play anything anymore, and all we ever talked about was games, so without that there's little conversation to be had. I'm kind of dreading running into anyone from high school when I go back home for summer break soon.

I noticed today that Kaoru from Amagami looks just like my sister, especially the hair.

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