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Serious question, how much does the language used in VNs differ from actual Japanese you would find in everyday situations or in a newspaper or something like that?

Learning by reading a VN is fun and convenient, but I'm afraid of reading tons of VNs and ending up only being able to speak and understand little girls language.
Does it depend on the genre? I imagine a loli character would use baby tier Japanese to act according to her age for example.

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I'm a little girl!

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Strictly reserved for the beauty of 2D. You can never convince me that a real child will ever look as good as a 2D girl.

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I guess it's okay .. But I don't know why little girls would be thinking about these kind of things.

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Cute clothes.

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I still want a loli girlfriend.

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Wouldn't it be best buried deep inside the tight, warm, and slippery vagina of a loli? Can you imagine how absolutely satisfying it would be to not only introduce her that previously unknown pleasure normally reserved for adults, but to also give her the ultimate bodily pleasure of a cock cumming over and over inside of her little slimy loli hole? She might even be too young to become pregnant, which would make it much more thrilling. Wouldn't it be an amazing experience?

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