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Reread it for the first time in over a decade and it's been interesting going through it again with a new perspective on things. The main takeaway being that Saya did absolutely nothing wrong. Or rather, she can't be faulted for what she did.
While she may be a disgusting flesh monster, she is every bit the cruelly innocent little girl that Fuminori sees her as. Sure she may have killed Omi and did some other inhumane things but that's only because she doesn't know any better. She's a kid burning ants without anyone around to tell her that it's wrong.
The Doctor certainty wasn't going to do it as he saw Saya as a research subject and influencing her too much would skew his observations. Fuminori had a chance once he realized that Saya was eating human meat, but I can't blame him for joining her.

That part really was the turning point for him. He was handling his condition relatively well until he became a cannibal. After that, there was no longer any attempt to see the flesh monsters as human. It would've been interesting if there was a choice there. Maybe chastising Saya could've lead to a true good end. It may have made her think twice before messing with the neighbor and it's not like she needed to eat humans to survive. She was doing fine eating small animals and spare organs.Fuminori could gradually adjust to his condition with Saya supporting him. He was able to drive by the end of the VN, who knows how much progress he could make in a year or two. He might've eventually reached the point where humans no longer disgust him. If that were the case, then Saya could cure his condition and give him a chance to love her as she truly is. Eventually there might come a time where Saya could be introduced to the world. She is highly intelligent and capable of communication after all.
But that's just wishful thinking. Humanity probably wouldn't be ready for the existence of a living blob even if they could have a conversation with it. Omi going missing would cause problems too and it would be asking way to much of Fuminori to stay sane for that long. Not to mention, a happy ending like that wouldn't fit with the tone of the story. Saya's purpose for being there is also an issue. Although, it seems like she had some control over molding the world in her image. She changed the world both because she loved Fuminori and because she wanted to make the world a more comfortable place for him. If Fuminori didn't want the world to be changed then it's possible that she could prevent herself from blooming, but we don't know enough about Saya to say for sure.

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Meido is not doing a very good job right now.

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