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Well, for Chen to become a nekomata, she had to be a unnaturally old cat in the first place, but as a mature cat she would understand how best to survive as a cat and a fair bit about her surroundings but not really anything towards how to interact with people as a humanoid.

So Chen spent something like 25+ years as a cat, lived long enough to become mystical and grow a second tail, eventually gaining something close to a human intelligence then at some unspecified time became close to and taken on by Ran.

It's not too surprising she's not very good with people, chances are she hasn't been a youkai for very long and most the younger ones aren't too good at interacting with them. Chen is still pretty much hanging on to her bestial nature so I doubt she's older then 60, where as someone like Orin represents a older Nekomata who became powerful enough to have a good position in Hell. Eventually Chen will be able to deal with people as well as Orin can but for now she's still relatively young.

People who think of Chen as being child-like probably aren't completely incorrect. She's not exactly a child because she's got long experience as a animal before becoming a Nekomata, so she's got a good survival instinct and can look after herself in the wild... but when it comes to acting civilised Chen is still immature with her new intelligence. Eventually Ran will be able to get her to the point she can rely on her, but not without actually trying to rein her in, right now Chen is still living like a cat.

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Red Oni, Blue Oni!

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This is still my favourite one. Many have wondered what Chen would be like if she had the sort of strength Ran has and it plays well on that.

Also, 'ZUN' is the best sound effect in close competition to 'pool pool'.

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and op is spent

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Actually, I'd be pretty content if most people got bored of Chen. Unpopular characters get much less crap from the fan base and with the sheer number of Chen fanart that already exists I don't mind the rest slowing down to a trickle of dedicated fans.

Yeah, she's not my favourite character, but then my favourite character changes based on mood and what I'm playing, but I appreciate Chen for more then the fanon 'cute catgirl' persona she's given all too often.

On a slightly related note, anyone notice previously popular characters like Flandre are getting backlash from all the overhyping their fans give them?

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>Does anybody else think that Chen dressed as Ran is hotter than Chen dressed as Chen?

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Chen is a good youkai girl.

She still attacks humans from time to time and enjoys herself. She's cute and lovable to the Yakumo family, but besides that she's still youkai. Bring catnip, she likes that. I'd say something about water, but the fact of the matter is even without her shikigami powers she's still a beast youkai with black magic so the chances are you're still fucked.

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Fuck, you're right.

And now, Delcatty

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She will let you own her spellcards!

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