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You can't help but feel curiousity as you make your way through the books, and peek behind one to find the source of all the commotion. Hey, the librare is very solemn, even such a minor thing was rather disruptive, truth be told.

You see none other than Marisa Kirisame shoving some books back into a sack, from where they fell. "Gotta hurry," She mumbles, "It would be a pain if she found me."

[ ] "Hey! You! What are you doing?"

[ ] "Hiya!"

[ ] "Stop right there!"

[ ] "Hello, Miss."

[ ] Remain hidden

[ ] Scream

[ ] Throw a book at her

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You brush past Marisa, with a short, "Excuse me." She looks mildly offended, but then shrugs doesn't comment as you run... Keine looks rather saddened at you from afar, but chases you no further. Nice job, anon, you bastard.
You continue running through the forest, not deviating from what you can remember. You try to recall all of those little things you saw from above, and you manage to make it in one piece... To the lake surrounding the Scarlet Devil Mansion. You know, this would be much easier if you could fly. You stick a finger into the water; it hasn't gotten any warmer, and you definately cannot swim in it.

[ ] "Cirno? CIRNO? Are you out there?"

[ ] Find an alternate way across.

[ ] "Hey, can anyone hear me? I need some help?"

[ ] Maybe you could look for Alice.

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