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Aya banged as hard as she could on the hatch. “HEY! LEMME OUT OF HERE!” Her pleas went unanswered. Damn it, why’d this have to happen to her?!

There wasn’t much space in the cockpit. Just enough for the pilot seat and a bevy of unlabeled controls. Something here had to open the door. No pulleys or handles were on the hatch she came in through, leaving her at the mercy of Hisotensoku’s levers and buttons. Two handles stuck out like joysticks. Figuring she couldn’t do much damage while the robot was still turned off, she gripped them firmly. The next thing she knew, lightning was shooting through her body.

Aya’s mind was flooded with information. The cries of anguished hearts across Gensokyo reverberated through her heart. Every wire and electrical impulse in Hisoutensoku’s limbs were flowing through her own veins. The wishes of every kappa working on the robot’s limbs pierced her soul. Every minor button and toggle inside the cockpit gained individual purpose and meaning. She understood what she had to protect.

At the same time, Aya’s own thoughts came crashing back against her. Her hatred for Yukari, her disdain for Tsukasa, jealousy against Ran, pity and anger towards Reimu, disappointment and frustration at Megumu, distrust in Okina, it all swirled together and pounded at her head again and again. She was barely able to weather the assault, up until she began attacking herself. She was putting her children at risk, she was betraying an ally, she wanted Anon all to herself, she was holding a moral position despite joining everyone else in hurting him—

As soon as the hatch opened, Nitori started pulling Aya away from the controls. The tengu could feel smoke coming out of her ears. “Wha… what happened to me?”

“Hmm… It seems like Hisoutensoku rejected you.” Nitori started checking the cockpit for damage while Aya processed her words. Very quickly, Aya regained her sense of self. Right now, her self was furious.

“HE rejected ME? Where does your big jerk get off frying my brain without so much as moving a muscle in return?!” The tengu delivered a swift kick to the seat before flying out to safety. For a robot without thoughts, he was picky!

“Calm down! I told you, Hisoutensoku doesn’t have any thoughts or inhibitions of his own. In order to pilot him, you have to be in the same state of mind: Devoted to protecting without holding anything back!” A platform rose to meet Aya and Nitori, ferrying them back to the ground. Hisoutensoku looked on with the same expression, but the tengu could feel something different about it. Was it sadness? Regret? It was like he yearning to have purpose, but couldn’t grasp it himself.

“Well, since he’s completely devoted to protecting Gensokyo, why don’t you pilot him? You spent all this time working on him, so you’d probably be a great fit! Imagine it: Nitori, flying through the sky and meting out justice to all evildoers!” It would be great if Nitori could join the fight in person!

“I... tried.” Knowing what she went through, Aya was more empathetic towards the kappa’s disappointment. It was a pretty harsh rejection, probably even worse for her. “I don’t know if it’s based on the person or just their state of mind at the time, but I know Hisoutensoku can do something great! The right person just needs to come along at the right time. He’s just waiting for the time when he’s really needed…”

Nitori and Aya made it back to the explosives depot. Checking a note on her workbench, Nitori headed into a maze of shelves before coming back with two large cases. She held out one first. “THESE are the explosives.” The kappa switched hands, “THIS is full of duds. Please, whatever you do, DON’T confuse them.” Keeping the explosives in one hand and duds in the other, Aya was eager to finally get out of the cave system. More than that, she was ready to get in bed and rest after the physical and mental abuse she suffered today.

Ambling slowly into her home, the tengu threw the cases into her closet before falling onto bed. It blew up once, she could care less if it blew up again right now. Tomorrow, she’d be doing espionage in the Land of the Backdoor while setting up bombs on a mountain full of the best voyeurs and stalkers in Gensokyo. She could wash the smell of burning, dirt, and burning dirt out of her sheets another day.

(Part 76)

I've been procrastinating a lot so I hope writing this will get me back into gear. There's a lot of focus on him, but Soku could easily be left out or included with anyone. I just felt like throwing the kappa a bone after being neglected so much. The Yamawaro are too big for their britches, time to take them down a peg!

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Well she likes mecha so she'd probably find SoL boring.
SoL anime is usually made for depressed adult men. The kind that girls like usually have stronger comedy elements (like K-ON) or romance elements (like... Hyouka? Is that a slice of life?)

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I want to watch ton of Mecha shows with Sanae

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Sanae likes comics and robots, so she's pretty cool

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