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Same, bro.

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You're so much worse than the real Jones. Troll elsewhere!


>>even though I'm doing more work...
Here's your problem. Get some pancakes or something and sit in bed and watch Musume concerts. That's how a bro spends his sundays. Or listen to old H!P songs you haven't listened to in forever like I am with Sakura Mankai.

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lol I've seen many clips of her having a tiny, tiny sip of brandy, hilarious shit.
Wasn't there a clip where aichan had like a wine-grape juice thing? I'm not sure if there was wine in it though cuz she was still too young to drink alcohol legally.

Sayu's still gotta get her first drunken story out, hoping to hear if any of the girls got border line-molested lol

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It's awesome.

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Now, we can't post Sayu without upholding that faggot's legacy.

On another note, can we get some stalker pics flowing?

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