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I think the longest I've been away from /jp/ since the split was 2 days. I sometimes spend hours just f5ing /jp/. I just post anonymously 99% of the time. In fact the only time I post as a trip is when answering specific questions, posting my wallpaper, or something to do with a translation project which I quit doing after people told me to quit the Hatsukoi project because I was ruining it.

Also this was from Friday

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I need a translation project, either a Visual Novel or a Light Novel.

My brother has wanted me to meet a Japanese friend of his for about a year and I finally met him tonight. He is a much more active Mormon than I am (I'm not a very good one ...) He's very excited that someone wants to learn Japanese and he wants to help me.

I mentioned that I often read 'novels' but that I make mistakes in translation; to which he very excitedly responded that he wants to help me translate a novel.

So ... it cannot contain porn. A light novel or series would also be fine. I would personally like to work on Galaxy Angel Moonlight Lovers or Eternal Lovers but I don't know anything about the dudes who claim to be working on that if anyone actually is.

Any other non porn VNs? I love moege. For light novels I like fantasy novels or 'magical realism' but anything with a tsundere in it will probably suit me fine.

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Fox moe

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What are some good games from defunct companies who won't C&C us if people started a translation project?

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What's the funniest VN ever?

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Japanese fox < American fox

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