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keine isn't that amazing. This is the only picture I have.

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"Moo." -Keine Kamishirasawa, Imperishable Night

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>ZUN should make a male Touhou that does this just for all the delicious tears of the fans seeing their favorite 2hu get beaten down UFC style.

Oh man. Oh man, you have NO FUCKING IDEA.

Delicious doesn't quite cover it.

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You gulp down a the whole cup, and afterwards feel refreshed. Leaning back into your pillows, you can't help but be suspicious. What if she is drugging you? Or, maybe, you just want to catch her off guard. No matter the reason, you don't let yourself fall asleep, and continue to wait.
In a few hours, Keine returns, with two bottles in her hand. She pours one into the water bottle, then quickly hides it. The other she uses to fill a spoon, and is about to shake you awake...

[ ] Get up suddenly and demand to know what the hell she put in the water.

[ ] Continue to pretend to be asleep, and turn away when she tries to awaken you.

[ ] Leap out past her and run out of the room for the exit. She's insane!

[ ] Continue to pretend to sleep, but "wake up" when she tries to awaken you.

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