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I was talking about M*risa, but Patche can always borrow my stuff anytime of the day.

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Clearly Manrisa.

>followed by "some moon bitch, moon bitches is stronk"
I don't know, the moon bitches worship yama, don't they? Eiki might be above them, but that's kind of iffy I'll confess.
>then either Shikieiki or Yuuka, depending on who you ask
Yeah, sure Eiki, but you're an idiot if you put Yuuka this high. She has absurd physical and magical strength, but just pure strength isn't enough to put you this high, especially when you've canonically lost to a non-op Reimu pre-spellcards.

>Then Suika or something. Suika may be the strongest in Gensoukyou, but she doesn't rabble rouse that much (unless at parties) and she fucks around a lot so it's hard to tell.
While I really do believe that Yukari is overrated by her fans, she's still absurdly powerful, and putting her below Suika is a service to her abilities. After all, she is both the character who actually forces Suika to physically manifest, and along with Yuyuko is the only character whom Suika doesn't defeat in her route in IaMP.

I would say, among those you listed, it's probably
Reimu abusing Fantasy Heaven > Hecatia > Eiki >=<(?) Moonbitches > Yukari > Suika > Reimu > Yuuka

Of course, actually trying to measure who's more powerful in Gensokyo is fucking retarded thanks to spellcard rules, especially since that means that all we have to go on are slight and small hints, but I digress.

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I don't see any nipples on Marisa.
Is that Manrisa?

Canonically straight, get your yurishit out of here.

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Hell yeah!

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