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Yes, that's a good example of a plot point that was completely ignored afterwards.
It's quite telling how good the fairy manga are that even with that and Larva's arc being dropped it's still the manga with the most satisfying conclusion and sense of accomplishment.
It's probably the only manga that fully plays to ZUN's strengths and allows him to just mess around without having to worry about the status quo (and where it really should be affected by change) or ongoing characterization and development.

They even manage to remain somewhat relevant, with the boss fairies showing up in 18.5 and it being said that Larva started to hang out with the Three Fairies of Light regularly.

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They aren't nearly as bad as UM was, though. Most games offer some decent characters that tie in well into existing groups, or form neat little groups of their own. Think of WBaWC giving us the beast matriarchs and their dynamics, as well as various characters that tie into the existing Hell group (though the main villain and her underling sucked); or HSiFS that introduced the highly active Okina, as well as Larva; or LoLK, where most of the cast was relevant and ties in well with the existing cast; or DDC, which provided the Grassroots Network (and some extremely irrelevant musichus).
Unconnected Marketeers, on the other hand, doomed itself from the get-go, even with its title. Most of the characters don't relate to anyone else, so they're just kinda there to stand by themselves, but they don't really have enough of a personality to have any significant appeal.
I guess there's a new tengu now, but she's just kind of a cunt, and LE just decided that she's friends with Chimata now, even though both of them were just using each other for their own gain during UM, which I guess just doesn't fucking matter now. Dropping plot threads like that and killing any conflict off-screen is just awful writing, though I guess it's par for the course for Lotus Eaters. That entire manga is a joke.

The only thing that can save Touhou now is a new fairy manga.

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Don't open this if lunarian.

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WARNING: Do Not Open!

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the biggest gay fairy orgy in gensokyo, also a war as a bonus

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Can confirm, yes.

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