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Twins have a habit of doing pic related, sometimes more and sometimes less extreme, so there's no space for MC kun. Even the ones existing with space for MC tend to be all over each other to the point you sometimes wonder why MC kun is even needed, aside of his dangling manhood. Then you remember that for Japan that's enough justification.

That was twin sisters. A twin sister route (as in, sister from protag) in itself is just more rare, because having a twin is in general more rare than a normal sister. They also have to be blood related, which is the biggest hurdle.

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Yes. Less boring though, please.

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>yuri twincest?

Sure. These two are twins. At least as far as I remember.

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Yeah, like 2 or whatever aren't really a lot, especially with them not being too long for the most part.

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Games that go quite a bit into that direction do usually have some kind of advertisement in that regard. I got recently a bit surprised by a case, but that wasn't really that bad. Not like say pic related. This ends with death. For both.

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So done with this. This really had a few nice CG and expression. Futaba "routes" are better in my opinion.

That said, a bit short. For example the yandere routes aren't even an hour each and that kinda takes a bit away from what they could've been. Still I quite enjoyed Futaba's. Especially nice to see things from the pov of the yandere. Ain't that common.

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