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Tails give her a larger presence, and she's leaning forwards a little bit

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Deep inside your cranium,
Far from anywhere,
there's a place that no one knows
But I can take you there!

It's Gensou Village!
It's Gensou Village!
Reimu: Gensou Village...

Life is far from friendly
Rumia: Nano~
Almost everyone you meet
Yuuka: I say!
Youkai on a high speed flight
That eats you instead of beef!

At Gensou Village!
At Gensou Village!
Reimu: Gensou Village...

Now Aya flies around, She keeps the men folk hanging tight
Aya: What a scoop!

The shrine maiden of paradise is lazy day or night
Reimu: WHAT!?

That funny lady Eirin wants to know if you're alright
Eirin: Are you okay?

So if all you do is eat and sleep COME ON!
Let's take a gap!

To Gensou Village
To Gensou Village
Reimu: Gensou Village

Gensou...To Gensou Village
Gensou...To Gensou Village


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You are an average, everyday Joe. You have an average paying day job, and an average looking...car. However, it changes when the sun goes down and you, back at your puny living space called "home". In reality:

You have a few friends (though now they treat you as trash).
Your "girlfriend" changes whenever there are new "releases".
Your neighbors looks down at you with scorn.
Family member's regards you as one big disappointment.

In short, you are a failure and the failure. Nobody really likes you. The world is better off without you! These thoughts haunt you as you go to sleep. You just wished all of these goes away...

That day came, but not the way you wanted.

You woke up in what you think is a forest...To make things worse, it's in the dead of the night. You dismissed this as some kind of a dream. You tried to "wake" yourself up with a bunch of things, but nothing seems to work. You immediately realized that you are in trouble.

"How the fuck did I end up here!?" you shouted.

Yet the forest still remained silent, but not for too long.

You heard a voice of a little girl nearby saying
"Are you a delicious human?". You don't know where the voice came from, but you are sure she is nearby. Also, it became darker for some reason...

You thought "I'm saved!", but your instinct says otherwise. You are sweating heavily.

What do you do?

[ ] Talk to the little girl (?)
[ ] Follow your instincts and run for your life.

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Oh wow. I am late to this thread but I am going to throw my vote behind a Kogasa spoilers image.
The only other thing I would support would be a mystery Yukari gap with the 4chan spoiler image coming out of it.

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You have been given privileged access to Gensokyo, but there are a few conditions.

1. At the time of transfer, you must accept to being gender-bended as a woman or a little girl. If you refuse you will become a resident in the human village, living your life in complete boredom (or in danger of being eaten by youkai). This rule won't apply if you are already a woman or a little girl.
2. If you are currently powerless, you can choose something from the deepest recesses of your imagination, but in return you will sacrifice all but one memory from your original life. Those sacrificed memories are then replaced by a fictional personal history, that you hold dear as if they are the truth (Which actually never happened at all). As a requirement, if you're male, you must accept condition one.
3. Upon acceptance of condition #2, you may choose to become a youkai (you may retain your humanity), and you are eligible to one resident whom you may have a strong relationship with. That resident may not know you from the beginning, but your relationship with that chosen resident will develop much faster and your bonds are stronger if established.

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I ask for the tour.

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