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it's not really hard to get those in the postgame though. Especially since the Quest boss that drops Adamantite is vulnerable to Petrification.

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i almost never use Satori to attack. Petro Breath and Mind Blast are the only move she needs to mess up the enemy most of the time. If you give her some IND+ items and the Cockatrice Crest, you can prevent almost any enemy from ever attacking you and just autobattle your way to victory.

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op can not go there because he is too much of a secondary to know any male touhou chars

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You are the creepiest person I have ever met.
You should get a prize.

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"It's probably not worth reading anyway" is what you meant to say.

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Is there a problem with that?

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>boob discussion

Good one Anonymous. Gonna ask for career advice next?

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