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P-p-please dont forget your homework again s-stupid Anonymous! Don't misunderstand me! Y-y-you idiot!

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You begin to, but as soon as you do, your wrists are pinned to the ground by Meiling as your head is shoved under the water by Keine, both of them laughing. You attempt to scream, but all you do is loose oxygen. "You thought you could use both of us, didn't you?" Came the psychotic reply, as both of them resumed laughter, and there's nothing you can do as you gulp in water, and your lungs burn as your conciousness fades, leaving only the sound of their distorted laughter...

You open your eyes wide, still hearing laughter. Flandre is laughing as she rips the head off of some plush toys before disintegrating them into oblivion. She doesn't seemed to have noticed your awakening.

[ ] Scream

[ ] "Hello Flandre."

[ ] Pretend to sleep

[ ] Go back to sleep

[ ] Get out of bed without a word

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Damnit, anon. Focus, hot schoolmarm Keine isn't here right now.

Eh, sure, what the hey. You rifle through your pockets, looking for something to like the kindlewood... Huh. Would be useful if you actually had something in your pockets, eh? dis regarding this minor setback, you search near the stove for something to light the stove, and find some tinder in a small niche next to it. You find some pepper, salt and milk, and that's all you need for some basic scrambled eggs. You're too lazy to put too much effort into it, really. After about 10-15 minutes, you've made yourself a okay looking meal, and it looks well cooked, and smells alright. It's -probably- edible; your cooking skills could use more work though, you think. After getting them onto a plate with no mishaps, you manage to find some eating utensils.

[ ] Eat the scrambled eggs

[ ] Socks and shoes first

[ ] Look for useful objects!

[ ] Wait for Keine to return.

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You look out... And see children playing in the street outside. You are probably in the human settlement. You look down, and realize that you are wearing a long, white nightshirt.
Your clothes are folded neatly on the chair.

You hear footsteps approaching from behind the door.

[ ] Jump back into the bed, pretend to be asleep.

[ ] Go over to the door and open it.

[ ] Stay right where you are and watch the door. Assume a fighting stance you saw in animu.

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