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The reminder of them. Shame this tradition was lost forever.

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Laughed while making this because of the yakui one.

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And here's a second image of Christmas 2008.

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Did anyone make a compilation of all the ronery christmas dinners from this year? I didn't have an opportunity to save them all.

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Up till now these were made with just two columns. I guess you can use more but only if you get enough images.

Also filter out older or unrelated ones. For example you put in there the Cromartie one which is old and the Sasami one which was posted more as an answer than anything.

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I made both but they are kind of shittily formatted.

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I think he was expressing the common opinion here that roneriness isn't a disorder , but a conscious choice by those who just love 2D so much that it keeps them from everything else. Sure we're still alone, but how can one be lonely in the literal sense if we have 2D waifus to keep us company?

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I made them both but I purposely left some out so it would fit better / accidentally included some non /jp/ originals in the second.

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Who knew it would be this ronery? Sorry the cropping on this one sucks

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