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Don't think of it as playing on normal, think of it as warm up to go fight the most powerful being in Gensokyo

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Yukari, I would be a Ran.

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Fine detail on the hair is my main attraction to this piece.

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Yukari took me through the other end of the gap, my body immediately feeling the tingle of magical energy in the air. This was definitely Gensokyo, and although I was excited to go to the land of my fantasies, I was also somewhat concerned. Don't youkai eat humans? "Umm, Yukari?" I ask, but she places her cold, gloved hand over my mouth, her other hand wrapping a red collar around my neck and fastening it. "Do not worry, human, the only part of your body we want is your tongue! "We?" I thought, looking around. Why, this must be the Yakumo family home! In the doorway stood Ran and chen, a light blush coming to my face as I considered the possibility that Ran might be aware that I'd fantasized about sleeping in a pile of her tails countless times. "So, I see you wish to be a foot slave for all Youkai, hmm?" Yukari laughed softly, attaching a short leash to my collar and leading me outside.

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