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Reimu is a real gangster.


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I don't have any examples from the 20 threads marked anywhere (I'm a rather recent addition to the audience), but I'll try to make an example. Let's say that Reimu just flew by. He might say something like:

A blur of red flashes by as a girl with black hair soars above you.

And then a character might comment something like:

"Oh no, there she goes again, off using fights to solve all her problems."

And I have no idea who it is.

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The Miko HATED Christmas! The whole Christmas season!

Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

It could be her sleeves weren't attached just right.

It could be that her sarashi was tied too tight.

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Guess who, /jp/.

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Bitchy Reimu is moe

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How about adult Reimu?

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Who knows, who cares, if he doesn't bring money in, he's kinda useless.

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I as well. Well, that and series I've never interacted with, or characters that are blatantly sexual anyways.

Someone's going to say, "hurr, Sanae is a slut, she's blatantly sexual". Fuck you.

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Define evil.

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Too bad everything in God of War just stays there and waits for Kratos to dismember it. The stronger Touhous would just graze and dodge.

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Reimu has a boyfriend. Marisa has one as well. ZUN agreed, don't bother him about it.

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Or, even better, a setting where some other Touhou (who can be the extra boss) possesses one of them to break Gensokyo. The other Touhous find the heroines' sudden change of mind preposterous, and you fight random bosses from previous games and one or two new Touhous in final stages who are apparently the leaders of the resistance against you.

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Theremin playing Reimu?

Fuck yeah.

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I wonder if I'm giving her nightmares by doing this.

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This one.

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Typical /r9k/ faggot who found 4chan through the news.

Contributing to hijack.

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Reimu is supposed to be 'invincible' because she's the Hakurei shrine maiden with a whole bunch of connected powers granted by her lineage and training. Danmaku play is just designed to balance the differences in power a little and make sure the strongest don't accidentally blow up their little pocket dimension fighting one another.

Reimu has fought without the spellcard system in the past and has very relevant powers should she get into real fights with youkai. Hell, she even has her own loosely defined invulnerability power.

Getting back to the spellcard system, there was still the issue that even if Reimu is defeated, killing her is dangerous. The system allows them to sort out their troubles and create them without worrying too hard about maintaining their home.

Reimu isn't invincible so much as she has the odds stacked heavily in her favour. Gensokyo is where she's at her strongest but I'm sure she's pretty strong away from it too. Last thing Youkai want is to open the path for Reimu to start just killing them, she already cares so little for youkai in the first place to the point she doesn't even consider it theft to take things from one.

tl;dr - Reimu is top bitch in a setting of bitches.

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