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Fuck off Sion, we're only here to have fun

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1. If you cant conquer Ryouma suggest trying again with a diferent strategy.

2. If you want you can go for the Hannies (Shyguys for you) as they are easyly conquered but remember they are inmune to diviners and magic.

3. You level up by going through dungeons up to the last level and using an item you get by releasing 5 prisoners at once. Some dungeons can add 10 or more levels should you reach the bottom.

4. For further help post a screenshot of your current map and troops. You can do this by presing Ctrl + F on the game screen.

5. I suggest reading the walkthrough in the AliceSoft Wiki.

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This hanny is not having fun.

Anyone can help me in conquering JAPAN?

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